An App Designed to Combat Child Molestation

The Virtue Ninja® Game aims to prevent child molestation by teaching children to protect their personal space.

Help Teach Your Children Virtues in Fun and Engaging Ways


Positive Reviews

Parents from all over have indicated that their children show remarkable benefits from the Virtue Ninja® Application.

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What is Virtue Ninja®?

The #1 App to Combat Child Molestation.

The VIRTUE NINJA mobile phone video game app will teach users how to remain focused on their long-term goals while they amass jewels and cryptocurrency when they respond virtuously to temporary short-term distractions.

  • Intuitive Game

  • Secure Application

  • Educational Benefit

More reason to choose this

Incredible power of early education for children.

No Advertisements

No ads! Your mind can rest comfortably without worry about what ads your children are exposed to while playing the game.

Better Communication

This app helps improve communication within children about complex issues.

Stop #MeToo

Equip children with necessary skills to lessen their chance of having to go through another #MeToo Movement.

Stronger Values

The Virtue Ninja® Game also aims to improve school performance by teaching children the value in education.

Every Purchase Donates to an Indigent Child

We donate a portion of all off our proceeds!

A percentage of proceeds will be donated to VirtueRenity: a 501c3 non-profit that will donate devices with The Virtue Ninja® Game already downloaded to indigent children, so they to can learn how not to be taken advantage of.

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The Virtue Ninja® Game


What users have to say about The Virtue Ninja® Game

We are constantly improving The Virtue Ninja® Game to create a more engaging and enriching Virtue Ninja® Experience.



You're able to access updates and special features as you navigate each level.

Virtue Ninja® is available on Google Play & App Store